Dynon Avionics

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Dynon Avionics

#1 Post by Letun » 20 Mar 2018, 21:36

Dynon Avionics


Dynon Avionics is an American aircraft avionics manufacturer that specializes in non-certified electronic avionics.
Most of Dynon's instruments are not certified under FAA TSO specifications, and are developed for Experimental aircraft, Homebuilt aircraft, and Light Sport aircraft that include the avionics as part of their approved equipment during LSA certification.In the United States, aircraft of these types must operate under a Special Airworthiness Certificate.
In 2016 Dynon and the Experimental Aircraft Association gained Supplemental type certificate approval for the D10A EFIS in certain Piper and Cessna models.
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Dynon Avionics

#2 Post by Hidoescodia » 24 Feb 2020, 22:39

Im installing a Dynon D-100 in my longez, and Im having trouble finding a good place to mount the remote compass. It needs to far enough away from the instruments, but needs to be in an area out of the way. Anybody put a Dynon with a remote compass in a Longez? Thanks Kevin

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