Expert advice for a successful Black Friday

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Expert advice for a successful Black Friday

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Black Friday is considered one of the biggest shopping events in the world, especially in the online universe, inaugurating the end-of-year and Christmas shopping season. Therefore, it is not surprising that retailers anxiously await the date.

But, what can your company do to stand out, maximize your sales and billing at this time? A highly effective solution is to invest in digital marketing strategies !

Develop actions that allow you to capture contacts (leads) for forwarding email marketing. Always offer something in exchange for Cell Phone Number List contacting them, such as discount coupons or exclusive promotions.

One of the possible actions that can be carried out is to convert social media followers into contacts, by sending email marketing with segmented products.

It is also interesting to work with landing pages to capture specific leads for Black Friday, offering opportunities such as “check out promotions before everyone else” or “Black Friday VIP list”.

These actions increase the possibility of buying on Black Friday and increasing the company's revenue, but it is also something that works in the medium and short term, as it makes it possible to nurture contacts and stimulate the desire to buy on other dates.

Through consumption journey actions, analyze data to identify the consumption behavior of the public. In this way, it will be possible to identify the purchase profile of those who are in the flow and the most desired items, which makes it possible to create more assertive Black Friday actions, with a greater possibility of purchase.


The simpler and faster the purchase process in your virtual store, the greater the chances of sale. Therefore, invest in a robust and secure structure for e-commerce, but easy to use, with just a few steps to complete the purchase.

In this way, the company guarantees a higher conversion rate, significantly reduces the possibility of cart abandonment and even simplifies processes for newcomers or reticent consumers with online purchases.

Conveying confidence to the consumer is essential to ensure conversion into sales. It is possible to build an image of credibility and transparency when creating educational content.

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